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MTC (Metropolitan Transport Corporation) Bus Routes and Suburban Trains
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Connecting (Stages : Lucas Tvs, Weels India Rd.Jn., Padi)
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NameFromToFrequency in mins*
XM70AAvadiC.M.B.T. 8 mins
48CV. NagarC.M.B.T. 11 mins
07BBroadwayKorattur 12 mins
248V. NagarPudur 12 mins
S27HAnna SquareAvadi 14 mins
S71EBroadwayThirunindravoor 15 mins
S70AAvadiVandaloor Zoo 17 mins
S47DThiruvanmiyurAvadi 19 mins
S114Red HillsVandaloor Zoo 20 mins
S120BroadwayAvadi 24 mins
S170TKaviarasu Kannadasan NagaVandaloor Zoo 25 mins
X70AAvadiVandaloor Zoo 25 mins
Z114Red HillsVandaloor Zoo 25 mins
XC70Red HillsGuindy Tvk Estate 26 mins
X120BroadwayAvadi 28 mins
170CT.V.K.NagarGuindy Tvk Estate 28 mins
114CTRed HillsC.M.B.T. 30 mins
X27HAnna SquareAvadi 32 mins
S41DMandaveliAmb Ot 34 mins
114PPadiyanallurKoymabedu Market 37 mins
S170AMadahvaram VillageVandaloor Zoo 40 mins
121AManaliKoymabedu Market 40 mins
S07BBroadwayKorattur 40 mins
XB70PattabiramGuindy Tvk Estate 43 mins
SB70PattabiramGuindy Tvk Estate 43 mins
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*Frequency is approximate & applicable during peak traffic hours.
*Aggregate frequency computed using 25 most frequent routes alone.
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