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MTC (Metropolitan Transport Corporation) Bus Routes and Suburban Trains
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Connecting (Stages : Convent) (Localities : Tambaram East)
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NameFromToFrequency in mins*
XT51Tambaram EastThiruvanmiyur 6 mins
S05AT.NagarTambaram East 7 mins
SC51Tambaram EastAdayar B.S. 12 mins
SV51T.NagarTambaram East 12 mins
ST51Tambaram EastThiruvanmiyur 12 mins
SB51T.NagarTambaram East 14 mins
51GTambaramVengaivasal P.H.Centre 16 mins
X05AT.NagarTambaram East 16 mins
51ATambaram EastAgaram Then 20 mins
XM21VelacheryTambaram 20 mins
XA51High CourtTambaram East 25 mins
M21GBroadwayGuindy Tvk Estate 30 mins
21GCTBroadwayGuindy Tvk Estate 30 mins
SA51High CourtTambaram East 43 mins
ST151Tambaram EastKovalam 54 mins
XP51High CourtTambaram East 57 mins
05ANST.NagarTambaram East 60 mins
51KTambaram EastNavalur 65 mins
51HSaidapetTambaram East 70 mins
SM11SaidapetTambaram East 70 mins
XT151KTambaram EastKovalam 70 mins
51LC.M.B.T.Tambaram East 80 mins
51TCTTambaram EastMadurapakkam 100 mins
51TTambaram EastPonmar 104 mins
LT51NSTambaram EastThiruvanmiyur 120 mins
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*Frequency is approximate & applicable during peak traffic hours.
*Aggregate frequency computed using 25 most frequent routes alone.
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